For those of you that have been following me with this hell journey of depersonalization/derealization that I still have... 6 months later and still in HELL... Anyways, remember when I posted about my psychiatrist getting mad at me because I refused to take Xanax? Well I'm starting to think she wasn't wrong after all. I find myself taking half of my very low dose (0.25mg) more often. And it does help. Doesn't cure it of course but it helps. This newfound anxiety that came with this nightmare dp/dr gets so bad sometimes that I feel like my soul wants to run out my body(and I'm not talking about those soul leaving body dissociative attacks). And makes dp/dr 1,000 times worse because that demon feeds off anxiety. Anyways, a friend of mine that's a nurse suggested maybe asking the doctor if I can take a low dose of Xanax daily and not only when this anxiety becomes unbearable. I'm scared because I have never taken any medication long term and I know Xanax is very addictive. I come to the conclusion that I need something permanent for this stupid newfound anxiety and I'm hoping my new psychiatrist comes up with a better plan for me to get rid of this hell nightmare demon called dp/dr. Does anyone here take Xanax daily? What are the pros and cons?


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  • Hi hoping cat. I was prescribed Ativan in the past and this time. In the past I'd never had the need to abuse it but this time I really wanted to take it because it did help lift the anxiety and help me see clearer. My psychiatrist would only prescribe 2,weeks worth while in crisis. Then I begged him for more when I was going away for a vacation. He said ok. But not to ask again. I gave them to my husband because I was afraid of myself abusing them. I literally begged him to give me one. (I was trying to save them for emergencies). Long story short, be careful. They are super addictive. I would try a different anti anxiolytic first. Buspirone is supposed to be for anxiety and is non addictive. Have you tried cbd oil or any nootropics? They are a bit more natural. It's hard to try those if you're on meds already.

  • I haven't tried any oils but I have spent a lot of money of my holistic doctor that I don't think is doing anything for me. I think I need to be on a SSRI or I'm even willing to take a low dose of antipsychotic to try to get rid of this depersonalization/derealization hell.

  • HopingCat, I've always thought and said that you need daily medication to relieve you of the bad feelings you have and I think you're right to stert with Xanax which is part of the diazepam/valium family. It is extremely effective and the normal effective dosage is .25mg to .5mg taken 3 times a day. Side effects are minimal and just don't worry about addiction but when it's time to come off it this should be tapered off slowly.

    Taking half a .25mg dose is unnecessary caution, it is below being an effective dose.

    Alternatively, an anti-anxiety medication like the ssri you mention, or good safe old fashioned amitriptyline, are worth discussing with your doctor for longer term use. But whatever you take for Heaven's sake take an EFFECTIVE dosage and not some token dosage which does almost nothing for you.

    After a number of months of feeling normal your doctor and you might want to come off the medication (slowly) to see if the bad feelings have dispersed for good.

    The fall back position is that compared to the hell you've been experiencing it would make good sense to go onto a safe long-term anti-anxiety med - my cousin has been on amitriptyline for 20 years and leads a normal life because of it.

    If you had ultra high blood pressure you wouldn't think twice about taking a med for hypertension and if you were diabetic you'd take the medication without question. For you an anti anxiety med falls in the same category.

  • Thank You! You are right. I actually thought my psychiatrist was going to give me another medication to try last time I saw her but she had the nerve to say that if I didn't tolerate Zoloft that I wasn't going to tolerate anything else because Zoloft if prescribed to children. And this is why I got a new psychiatrist and I'm hoping my appointment goes well. Also I have been taking Amitriptyline 10mg for sleep for 3 months and when I tried to go up to 20mg I swear I couldn't breath and I thought I was going to end up in the Er. Anyways, after 6 months of this hell I am done trying the natural way. I need medication......

  • I agree with the amiytriptiline....I know I spelled that wrong lol...it's also called elavil....its great for anxiety and sleep, I'm on 10 mgs of it!!! SSRIS have caused some people to delevop psychosis, I hope you feel better!!!

  • I'm actually so desperate that I'm even willing to try an antipsychotic

  • I am on 10mg of Amitriptyline for 3 months now and I don't see a difference. I take it at 8pm and I'm still up at 11 so it doesn't knock me out but I guess maybe helps me stay asleep. When I tried to go up to 20 I started getting a weird side effect so they told me to keep it at 10mg

  • You know I have been on Ativan daily for months and it helps me sleep. At this point feeling less anxious beats the fear of addiction. And I know an SSRI would help you greatly. I wonder about CBD oil but I would feel better if a doctor would prescribe it, haven't found one yet.

  • Hopingcat...do you still drive???

  • Yep. I am able to drive just fine.

  • Okay, I'm suffering from DP too and sometimes I'm scared to drive...I can still focus on what I'm doing when it happens lol...it just feel really weird for a minute...like I would just stare off for a quick second or 2 then it's back to reality...also during that time, my head has this weird pressure and my ears feel full..

  • I haven't been back to reality in 6 months. 24/7 Dp/dr and I just keep pushing and pushing and forcing myself and pretending to be well. When I get the weird soul leaving body attacks my vision zooms and I swear that my brain vibrates. Feels like a damn seizure. And after those happen I am back to square one with Dp/dr so I fight those attacks all day. I'm tired!

  • Hi hoping cat! My name is Michaela, I'm sorry to hear that your depersonalization and derealizatoions aren't getting any better. 2 years ago I was suffering with those symptoms every single day and I thought I was dying. I started taking Ativan thinking that it would help me, but it truly made my anxiety worse, and my symptoms worse. You should only stay on a benzodiazepine for no more than 2 weeks yes they are highly addictive and I don't want you to get addicted or have withdrawals. If you feel like the medication is helping you by all means take it but DONT let anybody tell you you need it. Medication isn't helping you overcome your anxiety it's just masking your symptoms. I know it's easier said then done but you need to start accepting all the symptoms your feeling, allow yourself to let the feeling come and say you've felt this way before and you've gotten through it, if you let the feelings come and pass you'll notice them start to fade. Not sure if you're religious but if you are ask god to come into your life and pray to st Jude for healing you'll witness a miracle. I'm 21 years old God has completely healed me from my anxiety disorder. I was in and out of the hospital every day but I learned how to cope with my symptoms and I got prayed over at healing services . I will pray for you. God bless

  • Thank You! For the longest I have been trying to deal with this demon without any medication and I have gotten better but not enough. I am just tired of feeling like this. It's been 6 months. I have only taken the Xanax about 8 times and it's a half of a very low dose. It probably doesn't even trickle me but maybe gives me a bit of piece of mind. I don't know but it sure doesn't cure this hell. You healed from this with no medication at all? Did you also have the dream feel intense vision 24/7?

  • Im sorry you had to resort to medication HopingCat. Im still trying to relieve this myself. So far ive been able to cope with it. Its not so bad anymore. I really hope medication helps you out. Wish you luck.

  • Thank you. I just can't take this dream intense feel vision 24/7 and also the weird existence thoughts. This is a very disturbing thing to have. And I'm also VERY tired of those weird dissociative attacks. I am traumatized over those.

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