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Scared I have MS?

So over the past couple of weeks I've been really worried about MS. The symptoms I've he are:

- cold burning sensations in hand and face, almost like cold needles are pricking me. This is especially aggravated by the wind

- feeling tired 24/7

- feeling more depressed than usual

- frequent urge to urinate although I have just been. Almost like I never completely empty my bladder ( I also have to run to the toilet ) this one has been worrying me the most

- after a hot bath I get tingly sensations all over back

Please help or reply I am so scared my parents are away on holiday for a week and I have no one to talk too. I don't want to live like this ? Help

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It all sounds like health anxiety to me and that would fit with your past history which has included worries about a brain tumour (100% certain), schizophrenia and psychosis in recent months. Presumably none of these diagnoses have been confirmed?? So that leaves you as a classic health anxiety - doomed to worry about everything and google everything unless you choose to change your behaviour and stop the googling. Trust in God for a few months to look after you and resist the temptation to checkout all these vague non specific symptoms, posting on here with worries and instead choose to do activities to take your mind off your worries. See if you can do it. I guarantee you will feel better for it if you do it.


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