Stomach Anxiety

I’ve had anxiety since February and before that I never had really lose stools/rarely diarrhea....since about a week after the intense anxiety I’ve had lose stools and almost diarrhea every day :( I’ve been eating lots of veggies and fruits and no/barely any sugar. I also take a probiotic everyday. And trying to stay away from to much processed food. I’ve been exercising everyday just discouraging when I’m eating really healthy and getting a fair amount is exercise, but I’m still getting the almost diarrhea every day so it makes me worried something else is wrong besides anxiety :( I’ve been having extreme anxiety over it too....just don’t know what else to do for it...


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  • Have you heard of IBS before? It's massively connected to your mental state so if you do have anxiety it will more than likely cause it, I know i can often have a good food day followed by a bad stomach day if I've been particularly anxious I'm afraid it's really hard to control. It's not dangerous just painful and annoying even if it doesn't feel like that when your having anxiety.

  • Hello there. I understand what you're going through, I use to have diarrhea everyday. It sounds to me like it's anxiety. Are you anxious about something? Try deep breathing.

  • I have health anxiety so it makes that worse, and I’ll just get anxious over nothing

  • Im in the process of being tested for ibs/ibd and suffer horribly with anxiety, u often hear ppl say they need a nervous poo, multiply that by 100 wen ur anxiety is at a max and it will show thru ur bowel movements, u can get anxiety ibs and foods such as the skin on veg or fruit can b the worst also fizzy pop etc, ther is a definite connection from the brain to the gut, I was so bad yesterday I visited the loo 12 times, its horrible

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