GUESS WHOS BACK! Been one year and im back to help my anxious friends!

Going to post one of my famous videos that i was known for a year ago, to help you all out now, i have advice, feel free to ask questions about my journey and if you have any health anxiety i can help ease some fears, i been thru one hell of a road and i dont even have anxiety, i had a real heart arrhythmia issue, but i always swore if i got an answer i would come back and help people with anxiety out so guess what? Here i am. Ask away and enjoy the film.

Film is all black, laying in bed, and my volume may go up and down on video, not sure if it will, if it does im sorry in advance, phone has been acting odd. If you have questions on my video leave questions on comments on here or on youtube comments and ill get back to you.

So i guess it wont let me post a link to my video now, look my account up on youtube antihippie24 is my name on youtube and no i dont hate hippies, just a inside joke with a friend.


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4 Replies

  • Armyguy, welcome back, do tell us: has your arrhythmia been sorted out by the doctors, how are you doing?

  • Hi Armyguy, Just finished listening to your video. That was a long journey to get some answers. I'm glad you finally know what's going on and can move forward once again. Be happy, stay well.

  • Hi Armyguy, good that you're back. Sounds like an interesting journey. I was diagnosed with the same thing over a year ago, high BP too, but refused to have the 'stent'? put in, and chose to go down the 'natural' route instead ie: meditation, healthy eating, essential oils etc. So far so good.......!! Good luck to you.

  • Brilliant, great news :-)

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