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I got left in the house for nearly all day, I kept thinking there was demons because I lost my brother around this time of year around my birthday. But it was years ago. I also read a book how to play bloody mary when I was 10. I always thinks theres spirits and I thought I saw 2 recently. My 4 year sis did too. I always think their around me like behind my back too. It's been happening a lot lately since my friend told me that demons can get you pregnant, it made my fear of demons worse. I believe in God but kinda losing my faith.

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CrazyGirl23, I'm sorry about the loss of your brother. Somehow dark thoughts have always been a part of your young life. If you are still living at home, you need to talk with your parents or guardian about what you and your younger sister are seeing or feeling in the house.

I always believe it would be wise to see a doctor or go to the ER to be evaluated. This is no way for you to live with this overwhelming fear. Please keep us updated. x Stay Safe


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