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Anxiety is bad while falling asleep/waking up mid sleep. Anyone else?

My anxiety is pretty bad when I fall asleep. I always think that this time I'm not going to wake up. I don't necessarily have difficulty falling asleep but I'm pretty damn sure it's what triggers the rest of the night to be a rollercoaster of anxiety. My dreams are pretty vivid and freakishly real and they wake me up and that's when anxiety strikes. I can feel my heart beat, I'm weak, I feel like I'm about to disappear at any second, I wonder if I'm still dreaming and it's horrifying. I have to actually get myself to a wide awake state just so I can fall back asleep. Anyone else if the same boat?

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What you describe are nocturnal panic attacks.

So what to do?

* Do some guided meditation before you go to bed

* Switch off from all technology including TV at least 30 minutes before bedtime

* Natural sleep preparations over the counter at your pharmacy

* Panic cheat sheet near your bed - you should also have something that will help you regain control when you wake up in a panic By grabbing this sheet every time you wake up in a panic, you can remind yourself what you're dealing with and how to make sure it doesn't get out of control. Create a list of reminders, such as "it's just the sleep apnea..." and "try taking slow, deliberate breaths" and "don't forget to go back to sleep." During panic attacks, it's easy to forget those things that are important for controlling the extent of the attack, so a sheet nearby your bed can be a big help.

As a last resort, prescription medication - I take Mirtzapine at night for it's sedative affects or you might try Temazepam (for short term use only as you can become dependant on it)


Thank you so much for your reply. I'll try it 😊


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