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Ugly Intrusive Thoughts

I'm just wandering if anyone else has experiences this? A few months ago I gave my heart to Christ and started back to church after a long time. After a few weeks I started having these horrible nasty thoughts about God, the devil, and religious things altogether pop into my head constantly all day long. The thoughts were so horrible and nasty that I was rebuking the devil all day and couldn't even think straight. After this went on for about a month I started laying awake all night waiting to die cause I would hear God 'I thought' telling me I would die that night. Every date I seen or scripture I read was to me telling me Im about to die. I still battle with the fear and anxiety a lot of days. I'm just wandering am I alone in this horrific ordeal that happened to me.

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rd1208, religion is meant to be a comfort to you, something that brings out the best in you. God does not make you miserable by telling you in advance that you're going to die, so forget about God saying those things. He will always protect you from the devil so stop worrying about that. These are all just mixed-up thoughts that can happen to everyone, the only difference is that your bad thoughts have got mixed up with your religious belief.

Anxiety disorder can make us believe some very strange things and for you this is one of them. So ignore the devil and cease to interpret things in such a negative way. Strange thoughts cannot harm you so stop attatching so much importance to them and they will soon be replaced with more positive thoughts.

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Thank you so much for your reply.


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