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Can't Cope

Went doctors again yesterday complaining of chest pains. Refused ECG (3rd time). Done extensive tests on heart in January and all was perfect. Less chance than average of developing an arythmia. She listened to heart, took blood pressure and pulse and again said all was perfect. Woke up this morning trying to be positive and bang, my wrist, lower arm and neck is in pain (left side) why is this happening to me. I know I sit very tensed on my left side at work so it could easily be that but now I have 10'hours of work ahead of me whilst worrying about having a heart attack :/ 25yo male, this isn't life. I don't know what else to do. Having CBT that's not helping. Refused diazepam yesterday. What exactly am I paying my taxes and NI for??

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Hi Sandy,

You have to accept and trust in your doctor's advice that you are physically okay and that perhaps you have anxiety instead.

Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways in the human body.

If you are left hand dominant, then you naturally feel stress more on that side of your body.

The pain can also be caused by sleeping crookedly and will lessen over time.

To get better outcomes, you really have to want to engage in a medical treatment plan, that is actively participate to achieve goals in the talking therapy and take an offered medication. Other options are alternative therapies such as meditation, yoga or simply going for a walk when feeling stressed can be part of your plan.

Of course, as the patient you reserve the right to say "no" but what have you got to lose?


I am right handed but at work I use the mouse in my right hand then lean very prominently onto my left side whilst slyly checking my pulse with my left index and middle finger. I know it can be 1000 other things but obviously I fear the worse :(


Sandy I am having this same issue. Had a small panic attack at work today because my left wrist got a pain in it and thought it was my heart. I've been checked thoroughly and I can't bring myself to believe that my heart is ok.


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