I might stop going to group therapy

I don't even think this guy understood the amount of energy it takes for me to get out my safe place, to leave the safety of my house and go outside let alone go to group therapy the other day but i had my mom and my dog with me who i consider my safe person. Now he said i can't bring the dog anymore, the same dog who i put all my focus on so i don't go into shock or a complete mental breakdown of being outside. And i actually liked that day in therapy even if it took me a minute to stop shaking and for my heart to stop racing... i thought it might help. But i guess this is it


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  • I feel like it's too soon for him to ask me to take such a big step.. im just starting and i want him to be understanding of that. I want to go but im not ready to leave my safe person behind.i really cant

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  • i really hope you can find the strength to go, please dont just give up with it either way. Maybe contact him, write him a letter if need be I'm sure your mum will post it or take it, first you need his reasoning behind the dog not coming... you never know there might be someone in the group who is scared of dogs, or maybe he just doesn't realise how strongly you depend upon your dog, even him giving a logical answer may make you feel less like you are being punished. My suggestion if you cant take the dog is to still try and go, take something in the dogs place, like a stuffed dog, if u fuss your dog to calm yourself take something soft, something that smells nice, something that makes you feel safe. And if you do go.. which Im sure you will... make sure u practice some self care afterwards... give yorself a hug a pat on the back, your favourite food anything that rewards you for your effort and acknowledge... yeh that was really hard for me today but i did it, didnt i do well.

  • I literally just started with being able to go outside and even went to therapy. He didn't even have a strong reason enough to tell me to leave my dog, i asked him if anyone's afraid or allergic he said no. He just think i should make the effort to not depend on my safe person. How can i even do that if i just started like i need patience it won't happen in just a few visit.

  • I think he needs to understand that the dog gives you confidence and he also needs to understand that for the moment it comes with you or you won't go at all.

  • It doesn't matter now, mom's boyfriend got me a therapist who agree to start the sessions with me at the house, help me with my fears of the outside and help me leave my safe place without being crippled by fear. I start tomorrow... im relieve that I'll finally get professional help

  • I don't think give up of therapy is the answer, maybe you should explain how you feel about the importance of your dog, so you two could find a solution, or maybe just search for another doctor, one that make you feel more confortable

  • I have a new therapist no more group therapy for me, and he understand my fear and agreeto start the sessions at home because im still not mentally strong to leave my house. Today is a good day

  • Callmedanielle, I'm glad to hear you found a new therapist willing to come to your home. That's how I started as well. From home visits, to phone sessions to actual office visits. Good Luck to you as you start moving forward. x

  • Im really excited and hopeful. I want to at least be able to leave home and actually stay calm.

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