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Advice please

It's been a while since I've been on here as I'm trying to get better. But yesterday I experienced something I never have before I was trying to doze off in the car then I sat upright so quick feeling like I lost my breathe and It soon came back the same night I was dozing off then I bolted upright again feeling suffocated and my heart was pounding within 4 mins I was back to sleep. I suffer from bad derealization all day every day. I've had a ecg 2 stethoscope checks. Blood pressure and blood tests and nothing has come back bad. Could it just be anxiety?

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Since you've had tests and nothing is wrong it just sounds like anxiety as it can do very strange things to you and someone might have different anxiety symptoms then a lot of other people. I haven't had the suffocating feeling but my body has jolted me awake before at night from anxiety


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