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Left arm pain

Hi, i recently posted qorrying about my heart. Being honest i still dont really feel any better even though i got great advice, thats just how bad my anxiety is.. it never leaves. About over a month or so ago i started experiencing pain in my arms and legs. I was more focused on the pain in my left so it was like i felt it more ib my left. It feels like my arm is alseep or like a bone needs to crack like i need to move it somehow or it feels like a tight compressed nerve. The pain is never like down my whole arm, its mostly in one small area or group of area. Mostly in my elbow down not in my fingers though, sometimes above the elbow. I experience it in my right and legs from knee down aswell. I went to GP she said all was fine checker BP,listened to my heart rate, pulse and all was ok. So i felt reassured and forgot all about it and the pain went away. Now lately ive been starting to feel it again and its stressing me out again so im experiencing the pain reguratly again. I googled :/ and now i think i have poor blood circulation due to heart condition or blood vessel disorders or whatever :( i cant stop over thinking it and i cant sleep. I feel like these symptoms cant be anxiety coz they feel so real. Im going to GO again in a few days but i feel like if she says its all ok, i still wont believe it because ill be worried shes missing out on something or sjes just jumping to conclusions like her results arent accurate or something. (P.s, no heart disease etc in family medical history) Please someone help me. Anyone feel the same? Please reply asap :(

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I'm exactly the same can't believe what the gp is telling me rushed my self out of work tonight and made my self an emergency appointment because I felt like my heart was going to slow and my blood pressure must be really low got my self into a full on panic doctor told me my heart sounds healthy and strong and I need to relax but still spending the rest of the night googling symptoms and checking my heart beat anxiety is a cancer of the mind it's the worst


Yeah that sounds hard sorry u have to go through that, i go through the same glad to know your the same thanks for the reply :)

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No problem I know it helps me to hear other people are going threw the same helps me understand it is just anxiety and not something deadly

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