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I feel like anxiety is kicking in and I have a fear if dying in my sleep. I am scared about my health, parasites and I just moved to Texas these past months. I miss my friends,

And even before that, I suffered from separation anxiety. I feel like all these emotions are hitting me at once and I have nowhere to go. I used to be a happy person and now I feel horrible.i want to see a therapist and my parents say they can get me one after we get insurance here, and we asses stomach aches lives been having,

whoch makes me even more scared about my health and then there's the fact that a different therapist I saw at one point who said I should feel my feelings about the move and I want to force my self to feel sadness but I also want one. I always overanalyze things and there's nothing I can do. I just feel so sad and tired to the point I just can't co.prehend.

It's 3 am rn here

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