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Mind shifts

Okay so a month ago I was suffering from blank mind It suddenly happened, I didn't think or feel anything most of the time and this leaded me to depression I used to express what I feel a lot with my family and it was becoming serious I when for medical check up it turned that my hemoglobin and vitamin D where below the average so I started taking some meditation and eventually got better. the VERY WEIRD part of all this process and which really scared me is that during the process it was like my mind went back in time and I had the thoughts of my personality when I was in middle school.. all the memories and feelings where back like I was trapped in my old personality but in different time zone and day by day it was like my brain was growing "I WAS GROWING" back until I reached my mature age right now I feel like my personality a year ago ..

I feel more relieved than ever but what I am worrying about is my intelligence, last year was huge to me I've learned many things that made me who I am I became more wise, intelligent, I know how to deal with people especially my own emotions I learned emotional intelligence and I am afraid I wont be that me again ..

All I want to know .. what the hell happened to my brain? Some say it may be a part of depersonalization and it happens because of anxiety and pressure ..

What do you guys think?

Did I become crazy?

I'd appreciate your answers

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