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Lump in throat

So recently I've been having a feeling like there's a lump in my throat, sometimes it's constant sometimes it dissapears for a while. It feels like there's like a circular thing jammed in the bottom of my throat, I have drinks so much to try and help it go but it doesn't, sometimes I get scared I can't breathe and it's so scary. It sometimes feels better when I move my head different ways, but it's just so difficult to deal with. Anyone get the same ??

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Globus hysterics..lump in the throat .. Very common with anxiety.. I've had it and it's not serious try to relax and ignore to the best of your ability..

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Hi Babyexx ✋️

Have a talk to your doctor just to rule out any underlying causes.

Anxiety does cause a shit load of other symptoms too but please just get things checked out and ruled out first.

I hope everything is ok 👌



Yes, Globus Hystericus, at least once a week someone on this forum reports experiencing it, I had it once 20 years ago, do get your doctor to check it though. Other than that just accept it, don't obsess about it and before long it will disappear.


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