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Playing sports after quitting smoking


I used to be very athletic 5 years ago then started to slow down on sports and running because of a knee surgery. I also, started smoking occasionally.

I decided few weeks ago to start working out and eating health. I started walking everyday for 3-5 miles and no problem. Actually feeling great.

Yesterday I joind a soccer game and after 15 min running around I started feeling:

- Pain in my lungs, like it is being squeezed.

- Headache

I thought the feeling would go away if I do better job on breathing while running. 15 min later (total time of playing is 30 min), I decided to get out of the game and cool down, hoping pain would go away. I continued with the same feeling for 1-2 hrs then everything went back to normal.

Should I be concerned? Is it related to smoking or I just surprised my body by an activity that it wasn't expecting?

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Actually it might be the smoking because of the sensation you're feeling


Your body probably having a hard time adjusting


Should I continue to play sports and just take it easy till my blood/body adjust?


You should continue but don't go overboard. Start slow


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