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Joint pain, clicks and muscle ache-health anxiety

Hey I am new to this site, I thought this would be better than constantly go ogling my symptoms. Does anyone suffer from constant muscles aches here and there with joint pain and clicking? I'm usually fit went to the gym nearly every day up until the anxiety kicked in bad 4weeks ago. I have been subscribed proponlol but I'm yet to take it with worrying about side effects. I have had blood tests and an MRI everything is fine, but I cnt seem to believe that.

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Hey @Kirstymax how u are feeling now?? actually i think this not a big problem also and this not anxiety Kirstymax, just be cool u r just suffering with some weakness.. control u r mind.. see u got the result right u have nothing in MRI and Blodd tests so cool...always wake up with positive mind... that's just weakness drink juices... i think this is not a big deal...u r perfectly normal


Thanks for your post :) my doc says it's all down to anxiety and tension, although lots of other things are playing on my mind as it's hard to forget when I can feel it there :( x


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