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So badly stuck !

I dont know where to start from . I have health anxiety number one . Im a middle school student . Im slightly smaller and skinny than others . This has made me unable to live . Everyone even my friends make fun of my appearance and say jow small im and this has damaged my self esteem so much that I cant even now talk to someone looking at him . I spend time infront of mirror worrying over my appearance . I just .. cant find a way to cprrect this. Everyone says me toto be happy or why are you so sad? How can I be happy with life like this? I have nearly non friends and my family thinks that my problem is just a minor one .I have tried to eat alot and even exercised , but all in vain .

I just cant cant change myself. I have a shitty selfesteem . Whenever I walk into my classroom , I always think myself as the ugliest and worthless person on the earth . I dont even want to go to school but parents dont let me leave. I have been like this for 2 years . I know this isnt good and im tired of this life now 😢

It stresses me so much that I get svere headaches . All of my friends are so handsome but im ..... in addition to alldo this I have also started to notice that my jaw is going assymetrical .This is driving my ****ing insane . Now I will also have an asymmetrical face . Why is life so infair to me ? Why ? I dont self harm but I know soneday these thoughts will make me commit suicide . I feel completely completely worthless . Let the girls aside , even boys dont want to be my friend . Im completely alone . Im drowned in this sea of worthlessness . There is no psycotherapist who can help me . And I also have a load of my studies besides this . Sorry if this was time wasting . Any suggestions?😢

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Hi and Welcome to the forum,

It's good that you have acknowledges that your are not okay.

Definitely don't quit on trying to find a solution.

What you are feeling on the inside will not be visible to other people so you need to make the first move and have a conversation with someone that you can trust..

The school will have a student assistance program. Please be brave and make the first contact with the office.

You also need to visit a doctor to have a physical and mental health check up.

You might not believe it, but there are counselors available who have a special interest in anxiety and body issues. Your doctor can make a referral for you.

Be brave - think, act and do something for you!


ber that it's really important don't and never put pressure on mind.. When your boss scolds you or shout on you take it like no worries.. that's not everything... i have future you are not my future. remove that pressure from your mind.

6. Really important smile everyday..an an moment if u don't get that watch some videos like American's funny moments. else some comedy shows.

7. Sleep properly if you sleep 8 to 9 hours that's really fine and great even 7 also...but if you sleep more than 10 hours or less than 6 hours seriously you are going to face problems..specially we guys anxious guys.

8. And finally when you are feeling very anxious and can't able to do anything turn your mind to sex. or look at an sexy girl/Boy.. don't behave abnormal with them if we do we will get some hard and unexpected results. Hahahaha... Sexual thoughts will give you short time escape from anxiety.

9. Final one.... okay i went with all those but still i can't..really man/woman i wanna say one thing please don't give up because we are humans we did everything invented so many things with god grace or with our talents whatever it is we did those.. but you have whole power in you..you can do anything... Sir Edison failed 390 times but invented bulb..let us try our best in anyway..don't kill your body with all bad habits..

10. Live healthy and love people. Be good, be happy. Care for yourself care for your loved one. if you like all the above reply must :-)


Thank you


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