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So.. I have suffered from Health anxiety all my life but it comes in waves. It got so bad when I was doing my dissertation that I was actually convinced I was dying of cancer. So dealing with that and my dissertation at the same time.. I cannot describe how stressed I was! After that it was all calm until two weeks ago when my boyfriend and I moved into our first house together!

Meant to be an exciting time right?! Not for me! He accidentally knocked a bed post on the ceiling which is made from artex (which we were told before that could contain asbestos) now.. Freaking out!! It was crushed and then walked on.. And now bits of it is everywhere!

I Googled everything about it and panicked myself. I cant eat.. Haven't really unpacked because I'm scared to touch anything! Cleaned up what I can see.. But I know there are still more bit floating around! I know the white asbestos is not as harmful as the blue/brown kind.. But still totally panicking! Picking up even white specs of dust and not feeling safe unless I have the vacuum or something to wipe it up near by!

Am I overreacting?

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I know how you feel. I am the same way about everything! I get freaked out about one thing and I am consumed to the point that I cannot function until I have absolute resolution!

I do think that maybe you are letting your mind get the better of you. like I said I am the same way! I have to look at it this way and maybe you should too.... if it was going to hurt you or make you sick, it would have already. I think you are going to be just fine sweetie. I so much wish I could just give you a big ole hug! The one thing I have to force myself to NOT do is look it all up on the internet. The internet can be awesome or it can be a massive amount of bad information.

why not call someone who deals with ceilings and ask for their opinion? that might help.

please talk to me anytime!


Thank you! I know it's not as harmful as the others.. I'm slowly coming to terms with it!

I probably will get it tested for my own sanity.. But I know my reaction if it comes out positive!

I understand it a bit more now! You'll probably know that when we get a slight twinge or headache.. Bam worse case scenario!

I think what helps me is understanding and the likelihood of it happening! But big hugs from me! :)

Thanks! And same with you! Anytime! :)


I don't believe you are overreacting at all. I have those same thoughts. It seems that anything that doesn't seem right i get scared something will happen if I'm not careful. Things i once was able to brush off or ignore my anxiety will not allow me to. And I get so caught up in my intrusive thoughts I get in tunnel vision and can't focus on anything else. My day is ruined. I wish is the best through these times. I'm actually having an health panic about my brain. I have convinced mysled I have a brain tumor and now I am docked on every sensation my head is giving off. And with my dull headaches ears full brain feels strained ears ringing feeling off balanced and mild dizziness I did what I shouldn't have done and googled it and now I'm in utter panic mentally.


Ohhhh no! I found it made me worse. When I was in uni I convinced myself the same thing.. A brain tumor.. I did the exact same thing. What might help is to learn how your body is talking to you.. I had so many headaches around that time.. Most of it caused by stress and the rest.. Not eating! And guess what I thought it was a brain tumor! But stay away from Google.. When it comes to health anxiety.. It is not your friend!

I went to the doctor about the asbestos and he told me that websites or articles that are online are sometimes exaggerated so you click on them.. It's official name is click bait. If there is no news then they have to keep getting views somehow so they make articles that will cause a stir!

It's weird how you can give advice but it's so hard to follow your own!


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