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"Tight" stomach anxiety

Hi! Does anyone else get the tight stomach where it literally feels like the muscles in your stomach are tight? Making it feel full and bloated? And when you go to the bathroom they feel really tight??

I'm really worried that I'm damaging them and that they'll stop working or something....I know it's not diet related as I've been eating pretty healthy for the last several months with eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and trying to get a bit more exercise and eating barely any to no white/regular sugar/ no dairy

Still worried about it though...never had stomach issues like this before anxiety...just keep thinking what if something bad has happened to it and I don't know it??

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Yes! I do have similar sensations, only when I'm tense. Running helps me, my Doctor just told me to keep eating well, lot's of fibre etc. and exercise. It's so easy to say and I struggle but they've told me there's nothing wrong :)

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