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No sleep in 48 hours

Hey guys really struggling to sleep cos I get this feeling of falling every time I doze off and it jolts me back awake. I also get this feeling of being "locked in" when I sleep my brain is awake and it's telling my arms and legs to move but the won't it's like I'm paralysed. It's doing my head in and thinking now I have possible beginnings of locked in syndrome. I have panic attacks every day recently because I'm afraid to sleep.

Does anyone else have this issue

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jennifer234, it sounds like you are sleep deprived. Your body is tired but the brain is so wired right now with anxiety that it can't allow you to fall into a deep sleep. The jolt you feel whenever you try is the sensitized nervous system unable to relax. When we sleep, the brain is still active, regulating our bodily functions. One of them is keeping us out of harm's way by paralyzing our arms and legs so we can't follow through on our dreams.

It always amazes me how we all seem to find rare case scenarios that may pertain to us. Locked in syndrome is one of those cases. I'm not a doctor but hardly think that is what is happening to you. Sleep deprivation can cause all kinds of weird sensations and thoughts. Have you tried calming your anxiety during the day with meditation and deep breathing? If you are wound up from a stressful/panicky day and think you can go to bed at night and sleep, it's not going to happen.

Being unable to sleep is usually an emotional issue. Find natural ways to calm your mind and body since both are interconnected. Don't reach for the OTC sleep medication but see your doctor if this continues. Sleep is an important part of regenerating our muscles and nervous system. I hope this helps some. x

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Thank you very much agora1. Very helpful


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