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Please help!

I'm at a family reunion and suddenly I feel like I'm going to pass out or have a seizure. I am not epileptic. 11 years ago I did meth and it made me have these mini convulsions like things. I haven't done a single drug in 11 years and quit alcohol and cigarettes 3 1/2 years ago. Does any one know if its possible to have those same convulsion type things even after being clean for so long? I worry about it a lot and it scares me.

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Just reading your post now. I believe you are having a panic attack. They are very frightening but cannot harm you. Find a quiet place and start to concentrate on your breathing. Breathing slowly in through nose count 7 in then slowly out mouth count 7 out. If you mind starts chattering again keep thinking/feeling your breathing. Practice this at least once a day and slowly you will be able to stop panic attacks when you feel then coming on.

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Panic/anxiety attack - next time you feel this happening hold your breath as long as is comfortable then breath out slowly keep doing this until under control. I did this in the supermarket the other day and worked a treat x

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