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Afraid to feel normal again?

Just a thought..tonight I'm afraid to feel normal lately I say this cause if you've already noticed from all my posts I freak out maybe every two or three weeks about any pain, weird sensation, water up nose, headache,rash feeling breathless,feeling numbness/pain-in my legs,chest pain foggy feeling/depersonalization

Watching/reading the news or googling doesn't make it any better

I don't know why I worry the way I do

I've always worried to an extent about different things when I was younger

Now that I'm a young adult the worry is excessively about my health and worse case situations rare/deadly illness blowing it out off proportion.

No one else has this issue in my family

I go back to university next month it's my final year and I'm already stressing about any and everything surrounding it

The anxiety will not make it easier

I've already had two panic attacks last year

Even remembering makes me nervous

Things will get better I know that😊

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Ya, I know where you're coming from,I probably shouldn't ,a what the heck, to prove I know I'll tell you ,.I remember a period of time in my life,probably still happens but not as much, that if I read about a disease I had it, I'd swear I had whatever I read it felt real,.I haven't noticed it lately, but there was a time thats the way it was.


Yeah it's really scary how our minds trick us sometimes.

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Anxiety always seems to be waiting and looking for something to worry about. It's about understanding your triggers and breaking the cycle. Not easy and I'm still figuring it out xx

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