Disapointed in myself

I really have got to stop googling things... earlier this afternoon some tap water from the sink got in my nose and I'm really worried about it so much that I'm worried about some deadly bacteria from the water my heads hurting im positive that Impossibly being really irrational agin google is stupid I was doing so well not googling idk what happened😒 I slipped up

Again my heads hurting my ear hurts

I'm battling myself at the moment


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  • Yea google sucks :( don't worry I'm sure you are fine think of it as kinda being in a pool and getting water in your nose. The headache could be a tension headache from your stress and anxiety? Also did you get water in your ear?

  • Is there any way for you to put a "block" on google, like we can do for TV stations we don't want children to watch, or for women to watch to buy things in the middle of the night? :)

  • PTSDforyears, I love that idea

  • Now to figure out how to do it....sigh.....

  • So do I

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