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•The anxiety list never ends or stops•



The list of

Worries I've had and the ones that have come back again


•Worry or pains and the times they've happened•

Again: Water got in nose this time through the sink from washing my face

3rd time

Head pains

3rd time

Dog bites

2nd time

Random pains in the body they keep hurting

Again : Heart worries second time it causes the .worry because of pains

2nd time

Leg pains / tingles

1st time


3rd time

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There are professionals who specialise in health anxiety. There also might be some support groups in your area. Cognitive behavioural therapy has helped many people with their anxiety. It might be something you would like to check into. There are numerous articles about it on the web. A good website with videos and self-help tools is anxietybc.com.




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