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Heart attack at 21 ?

For the past 2 days I've been having a random pain in my left arm that goes to sometimes my right arm but it's mostly located in my left arm

sometimes it reaches my upper middle & lower back.. and shoulder.

with a small pain in my left Brest that started earlier today randomly for about 3 seconds then left and now has now come back

the pain in my arm doesn't get worse... so basically I'm worried about my heart now..

This health anxiety is getting utterly ridiculous now

I'm 21

I am anxious but im more annoyed than anxious at the moment

I'm a bit neaous right now

Any advice ?

Tips to deal with this?

Any insights?


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I get those pains sometimes too. Especially when I get anxiety. I worry sometimes but then other times I stop thinking about it and it goes away🙄


Most likely muscle tensions


I'm having them right now it's most likely muscle tension


Most of our tension is in our shoulders and neck - it's just the way the body is - stress is very muscular. The pain will be muscle tension. Get your mum to give you a little massage and have a warm bath with epsom salts and you will feel more relaxed. Don't worry about the pains they are normal for stress reaction.

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Heart attack at aged 21 - chances are extremely remote, but there are people like you posting with similar symptoms every day on here and I have yet to see any who have been diagnosed with a heart problem.


I had that and I noticed that the more I worried that the more I suffered with the pain and thoughts my heart was Ill. I actually went to the Dr about this and I was put on a monitor to check the health of my heart and circulation... Everything was fine, I had a healthy heart. I basically put it down to anxiety and muscle tension.

I still have pains every now and then, but it's less frequent now I know it's nothing to worry about. Maybe go see your Dr if you're concerned x

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Unless you're doing cocaine, heroin, meth, or drinking extremely heavily, I doubt that you have a heart problem at 21. My health anxiety started when I had a pain in rib cage for like 2 weeks. Then on my way to work I had a panic attack because I thought that something was wrong with me.

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