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Is brain shock therapy going to change my life is it better then taking pills that makes me feel sicker every day of my life please help

Hi i am on pills for almost 2 years now it feel like im losing controll over my life get panick attacks so bad every day that send me to ER my body feels tired i feel sick every day of my life its like my doctor just pump me full of pills that make me sicker and sicker cant use other meds becaurse i am very sensitive to it do you think brain shock treatment will change my life i cant go on with pills pills and pills

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Gosh, what do you think will happen if electricity is sent through your brain? Or will you be able to think after electricity is sent through your brain? I know you are tired of the medication and taking pills, and not feeling better. Have you really sat down and told the doctor this? No, you stand and have the doctor sit, so you be looking down at him and keep his attention, cause patients don't do that. :)


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