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ive found this and the problem is same ... please can any one help i cant take it any more

Everything around me looks different.Its kind of hard to explain on what's happening to me.I feel like I am going crazy.When I am walking somewhere or doing something, I can't feel myself controlling my actions.My body feels numb, I mean I can still feel things but it just feels numb.I have been zoning out a lot, and forgetting where I am at.When I touch my face or arm, it doesn't feel like I am touching myself. When I look into a mirror, it doesn't look like me.It feels like I am stuck in my body, like I am stranger to my body.It is worse when I wake up, I wake up completely panicking becaus I feel so detatched from my body, it doesn't feel like like my body.I had some experience when I just woke up and I had an out of body experience.When I am doing something or walking somewhere I kind of black out, like forget where Im at.I'm always getting pressure in my head.I keep closing my eyes a lot because my eyelids feel heavy.I get brain food.It just everything looks weird, like something is off.It gets worse when I am in like orange lighting or bright light.I don't feel in control of my body, I feel like a zombie.I don't feel aware of my surroundings I feel not consciousnesses.I am scared I going to wake up one day and forget who I am.I feel like Im just a pair of eyes.I feel like time is going fast.I am scared to take any medication for headaches etc or go somewhere or do anything because I feel like it will make it worse.I feel like I am literally going crazy, everything just seem so unreal.I also get thought about questioning about life.Feels like I am watching my life from a different perspective, feeling as if I am not taking part in it.It happens everyday,it worse when I am panicking but when I am cal I still get those symptoms.I feel tired all the time.It just feels like I am high all the time.It is non stop.And when I am talkimg or eatig something it doesnt feel like I am doing those things.I have thoughts about how it will never end, and that scares me, how I won't go back to feeling normal, and how theres nothing wrong with me and I am just going just stresses me out, and I don'tkknow what to do.

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This is depersonalization/ derealization and it has been my hell for 5 months. Did it come out of nowhere or anxiety? My psychiatrist says this is a phenomenal from anxiety. If you look over my oldest post you will see that I have experience all your symptoms. You need to go see a psychiatrist and phycologist and hopefully you find a good one.


ashokkarki, Hoping Cat knows more about what you are experiencing than most of us do. You need to consider all advice on the forum since we all experience anxiety in different ways.

Getting a good psychiatrist/psychologist is good advice when anxiety (in any form) takes over the quality of your life.


Wow, I can't imagine what you are going through!! Take solace, first and foremost, that you haven't always felt this way, so there is absolutely no reason why you can't get back to the "real" you!! I agree with the other poster that speaking with a qualified medical professional as soon as possible is the first step in getting treatment. Best of luck and keep up the fight... it's well worth it!!


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