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I'm at the point that if i think I could have a panic attack i have one

I'm starting to feel like I have a detrimental super power. If I'm feeling totally fine I will think about how nice it is I'm not anxious and then I'll get scared I will be and then I am and then I have a panic attack because im thinking about it. And it's to the point that I have multiple panic attacks in a day because simply introducing the thought of having one brings one on. Like I'll get over a bad one and be so thankful it's over and despite trying to appreciate the fact that I'm not dead or sobbing in public, the mere recognization of having just had one and fearing another episode brings another one on. It's getting worse by the day. I don't know what to do.

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Unfortunately, this is exactly how anxiety works. This is what it does, and why so many people who don't have it can't understand why those of us who do can't just "relax"... We want to relax, so badly that we get even more anxiety thinking about it.

It's very hard... I wish I had a great solution for you, unfortunately this is something I'm struggling with myself. But I am here for you, and you aren't alone in how you feel, not at all. I get it.


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