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Zolft is taking me for a spin.. or is it?

Hey there! Iv been on 50mg of zolft now for 12 days.. Im also on Naltrexone... thats an opioid blocker to prevent me from drinking.. iv been struggling with alcoholism and im now 3 weeks sober. And everything seems to be just getting worse. Im not sure if its a mixture of the two medications that make me feel horrible or if its just one.. iv been also presribed clonazepam for the bad episodes. I seem to be dependent on those latley and if i dont have one i have extreme panic and agitation... i guess what im asking is... is this normal should i be feeling so off at night.. its only at night when i get home from work it gets bad..

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Congratulations on 3 weeks sober!

Good on you for starting the journey to recovery. This is a complex situation so I suggest that return to your doctor for a visit. My doctor sees me every 2 weeks for the first 4-6 weeks after prescribing something new to check on the side effects and check on my welfare.

If you have new medication, it is a safe bet that it is probably the reason you are not feeling so great right now. The drug is beginning to get into your system.

As for feeling worse at night, this is often because your brain is not distracted (in a good way) at work and can do those things you mention.

Maybe the other prescription is for some talk therapy to process these changes.

All the best :)

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Thank you!! I needed to hear that.. i feel and hope its gonna get worse before it gets better.. instead of just staying worse all the time.. but during the day my energy levels are fine its just at night... i also fine my panic attacks start to kick in on my drive home from work.. its a cycle im always waiting for.


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