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My dog bit my fingers Worried Rabies?!

An hour ago I was cuddling my dogs they both wanted my attention at the same time I was petting one of them then my other dog came to get my attention and one of the dogs bit me she intend to it was an accident

She ony gets like that when competing for attention of possesive of food she has bit me before (because of food possiveness)

There is no hole /puncture wound

My fingers are a bit warm I washed my hands

Both dogs are sweet and calm but like I said they get possessive

They never go outside nor have they been bitten or fought with dogs

I'm worried about this :/

My anxiety isn't helping

Nether does google :/

My mom and brother say I'll be fine

I hate how anxiety makes me like this

My mind is racing :/

Any similar situation ?


Hand and fingers still hurt hand was itchy

My mom is ignoring me

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Danielle. If the skin wasn't punctured. You will not have rabies - it virtually does not exist in the civilised world and your dogs will NOT HAVE IT!!

May I suggest you start writing a novel as your imagination is awesome!!!!


This is very common with anxiety. Something happens that we don't like and we immediately jump on the I am gonna die train. Take some deep breaths and try to relax.

Have your dogs had their vaccines? If so then you are completely fine. Please try not to keep going over this in your mind because it will just keep blowing up your anxiety.


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Not since last year...😱


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