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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the frustration

Why do I always google stuff Grrrrrrrr.....

I googled my dog bit me no broken skin far as I can tell no wound or blood whatsoever I'm still in a panic 😡 she's blind she did it by accident hands /fingers hurt throb shoulder arm /hand pain back pain feel like I'm slowly going nuts here...

My dog seems fine

I know googling never ends well at all

Yet I still do it

I've googled headaches

Water in nose

Dog bite


Plus all type of crazy stuff

I'm drained emotionally


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Hi there if your dog is upto date with all vaccinationsorts you will be fine. Even more so if she hasn't broken the skin. My sisters dog but my son last year and I know you panic and think the worst buy I rang 111 and queried it and she just said basically what I put. Xxx hope this reassures you xxx

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She hasn't gone to a vet since last year

And thnx




I don't google anymore but when I start worrying about some health issue I just google anxiety symptoms instead and most of the time you will find your symptom a good sight is the anxietycentre they have a very large list of symptoms.

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Chuck your computer out the window so you can't google any more!!!


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