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My dog bit me 2dysago

I'm getting fed up with my anxiety

This happened two days ago

my dog accidentally bit my fingers two days ago she didn't mean to bite me my fingers are still sore they were warm after it happened I immediately went and washed my hands I didn't see any type of wound or broken skin. But now

my mind is swirling with the "what if" scenario plus it doesn't help that my shoulders arms back and head along with my sore fingers are hurting googling about it has sent me in a panic freaking out about it. I don't think she drew blood she doesn't go outside there are never any dogs near her because the other dogs are in their yards

Told my mom about it and she said I'll be fine

My brother said I'll be fine he also said to stop googling and reading things online

she's blind and doesn't see very well she and my other dog wanted my attention at the same time

She has bit me before but it was because I touched her food bowl to give her more food

And I worried about the same thing

I guess she's possessive ?

She's a sweet dog they both are sweet

I hate that I do this

I've been watching her every move and analyzing everything ☹️

I know I sound crazy right now

I'm So sorry that I've been posting a lot about this

You all must be annoyed by it

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Of course she possessive of you and totally dependent upon you, blind, probably has aches and pains from arthritis if she an older dog. I know you must be very attached to her and love her very much. If her inoculations are current, and she snips you occasionally due to her vision and age, I don't think you have anything to worry about. It doesn't appear she is meaning to harm you. Particularly since she was wanting your attention and feels like she is competing with a dog that can see you.

If you don't already have a routine and special places where she knows she will be fed and have your sole attention, perhaps that will reassure her that she is going to be ok and you are looking out for her and that will calm her down.

A visit to the vet may help your anxiety about her behavior too, and he/she can give her a good physical and prepare you for any behavior changes if she/he does find something out of the ordinary.

I really know how you must feel as you see her age and hurt for her. Love her in the meantime and teach her in that she is still loved and gets special time with you.......as well your other dog.

My love to you and your special furry friends :)


Thank you yes she's like my child so I should I still be worried about anything from the bite?


Oh, Danielle,

After your warm words of kindness when Scooter had to leave me two weeks ago today, I know you love and cherish your fussy friend,

What is it about her bite that worries you?

That she may be senile and that's why she bit you?

Is it because you have not kept her rabies shots up to date and you are afraid you'll get rabies and she will be put down?

That you might just get an infection from the bite?

You know I'd try to help you make a decision about what to do if I understand exactly what is worrying you.


Hi ! Hope your a bit better than I am tonight

Thank u for the reply!☺️

Basically everything you mentioned above, is what is going through my head at the moment

She's like my child I know she didn't mean to bite me she's blind 🙁 my anxiety is all over the place checking re and checking symptoms I'm having pain in my arms hands fingers back and shoulders idk if it's related cause of the bite or something else this of course sends me into an anxiety attack I'm keeping any eye on her

analyzing her every move she seem to be acting normal I just can't seem to shake those thoughts off

And I know she didn't mean to it was an accident ☹️

My apologies this is quite long


I know how I was a"helicopter mom" to my Scooter when he was acting a little different than usual...so that's what you're doing now. lol

But you said you were concerned about all the possible reasons I wrote to see if you worried about them, and you replied, yes all of them now. But several of them are serious and if you are saying you worried about them, you better do something right now.

Please read my last reply to you and read each question, and tell me which ones do not worry you and which ones do worry you, ok?

I'll wait for your answers.

How old is your little furry deaf sweetie?


She's about 5 ? Not so sure. your 3 & 2 second question are about right I kind of had nightmares related to the second . question

not that worried about the 1st one she's still very active and happy


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