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Yesterday nightI was cuddling my dogs they both wanted my attention at the same time I was petting one of them andthen my other dog came to get my attention and one of the dogs bit me she intend to bite my other dog it was an accident

I'm freaking out my fingers hurt so does my arm my mom says that I'll be fine

My dog only gets like that when for attention of possesive of food she has bit me before (because of food possiveness)

There is no hole /puncture wound

Both dogs are sweet and calm but like I said they get possessive

They never go outside nor have they been bitten or fought with dogs

I'm worried about rabies!

My anxiety isn't helping

Nether does google

My mom and brother say I'll be fine

I hate how anxiety makes me like this

My mind is racing :/

It's hard to shake off

My arms and fingers hurt I'm currently panicking I've checked my temp I have a headache

Why do I do this to myself!?

Any similar situation ?

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