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Lightheaded during dinner last night☹️

Yesterday night was enjoyable had dinner with my parents and brothers 🙂 We went to a restaurant as soon as we got seated I got all lightheaded and nervous I could hear my breathing I've noticed this is the 3rd time it happen in a public place. And only once at a party☹️

Is this a anxiety attack

Has this happend to any of you?

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It has happen to me on many occasions Daniellesparkles...It certainly does sound like anxiety. Happy occasions also cause the same symptoms unfortunately. You probably were excited about being all together for dinner and the adrenaline took advantage of that. Were you able to stay focused and stay for the dinner?

I found that when eating out either a booth helps or if sitting at a table, I would take the seat next to a wall. Somehow it gave a little security of not being out in the open. A protection, a safe place. You are certainly not alone in this feeling. x

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Yes I was :) had a good time actually


Glad to hear that..Isn't it something that we usually end up having a good time?

Just a matter of making it through those first few minutes :) Take care x


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