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Not again! Headache just right above my temple

It is currently 1:27pm

This was written at 2:44am.

It's 2:44am I'm here in my room and I just got a random headache right above my left temple I heard a sound? Not so sure though it's like burning dull ache ...trying not to let my irritationonal racing thoughts spin this around not gonna lie this does bother me a bit :/

I'm worried again I think I had this before

I always get headaches before my cycle

I think I've had this pain before

I haven't seen a doctor about this yet

It was really random sharp pain lasted about a second it got better after but was noticeable no vomiting stiff neck or blurred vision I googled it and it went to worst case scenarios I'm only 21 my goodness i can't let this drive me nuts ugh...


You know I just prayed and placed this into God's hands I think that's The best I can do besides getting worked up with worrying

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