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Still at the water park...

What is it with me and this deadly bacteria in water stuff currently low key panicking at the water park got a dorp of water in nose when my brother dried himself I blew my nose of course yet panic is settling in :/ grrrr I guess I have developed a fear of water:/ I sound so nuts haha

My body's on high alert waiting for something to happen I guess

Dear irrational anxiety please give me a break

Does that classify as fear of water?

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Hi, why didn't you take your nose clip to the water park and just wear it all day? Hummm. Do you think that maybe you have just developed a habit of being afraid of something that is never in a trillion years is going to hurt you, but the habit has now taken over? Don't think you now have a fear of water but have a habit of needing something to worry about health wise. But you know that. What do you think you are going to do to break that habit? Really, you're an intelligent active woman and controlled your anxiety and went to the water park even though you didn't want to go. Did you really believe that water there was not treated properly to prevent health issues, and still was concerned when your brother managed to shake a drop of water in your nose? Or did you do that by habit? ( By the way, how did he manage to do that?) Do you think if you forced yourself to think of something pleasant when water came near your face, and you did that every time around water, that it would become a habit that would break your anxiety about this matter? Seriously, if one does something often enough, it can become a habit, a way of life. You are dealing with a serious health anxiety and I wish I had a magic wand to resolve it. But it was recalled because I had overused it........(:


Thanks for the reply and you're right all the things you brought up have made me evaluate the anxiety in a new way once the anxiety starts it's quite hard for me to shake it off

I actually had a nice time with the family today despite the anxiety

I did get tired from being in the sun got a nice tan too :)

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I know it's hard but try to focus on the good things more and more like your tan and your family! I like watching the kids at places like that sometimes.

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