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Tired all the time


Hello im 24 and This is my first post since i joined this community support

The thing is that im feeling tired all the time and nothing seem to bring me joy inside

At first i thought all this come from the much pressure ive been into from exams and studying but now i finish and i have absolutely nothing

I was feeling alright shortly after i finish but then the same feeling came all over again

Tired all the time feeling down And just thinking if im dead it will be better than feeling all this

It's only an idea it's not like im trying to end my life or anything.

I just wanna cheer up and feel good i dont want to feel like this

Im going through my days just fine

But at the night when i go to bed i got the feeling And it's mostly when i overthink everything in my life, and the anxiety i get when i think of my future, what should i do to make everything i dream of come true, and making the life i want for myself. Made me wish if i could stop everything and just lay down doing nothing

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Depresión, anxiety, stress...all those negative feelings and emotions can be exhausting. It's normal, but when it interfered with your life, you just need to address the issue by either going to the doctor for medication or trying to find coping techniques. I had the same feeling this morning. So I took my dog and daughter and went out. It made feel better to get out of my comfort zone, which is my home and bed. Take your life one day at a time. Xoxo

Thanks for sharing on the forum.

I can relate to the black dog of depression creeping up on you at night.

Feeling tired, having no energy and being fatigued are really all the same symptom and are mentioned in the DSM5 criteria for mental ill health. You first step is definitely to book an appointment (make it a long one to get the best out of your time) with your local doctor for a discussion about your particular situation. The first thing your doctor will do is to rule out /rule in any other physical condition causing the malaise.

Treatment options are medication and therapy to work through your thoughts and feelings to get back to a happier place.

There is quite a lot information online for self help for sleep issues (another symptom of mental ill health). Maybe you would like to try some natural therapies for sleep assistance until your appointment. A visit to the pharmacy would be a good place to start. Don't forget to mention that you are taking an over the counter item to the doctor. These OTCs may interfere with any prescription medication.

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