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Small waves of anxiety

I'm feeling small waves of anxiety, I'm trying to think of something else and keep myself somewhat busy. I've noticed I get a lump like feeling in my throats that happens randomly, and I can sort of notice my heart beating though it's barely noticeable. I also get a little nauseous which doesn't help. Also I've had loss of appetite for the last couple of days, I've started to eat but only because I know I have to.

I don't know what to do, I want to do things the natural way and give it a chance to get better. If you have any advise that'd be appreciated.

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it's good to see you seeking help as these small waves can in some cases keep getting bigger and bigger...some people can just get over them when they realise what the trigger is and move on...but others like myself have to continually work at it to keep it getting out of control.

simple things like breathing and relaxation exercises can help but you must stick at them and give them time to work

I'd always recommend going to your Doctor and explaining it to them..even doing this can make you feel better and they can recommend everything from counselling to medication if you feel you need it.

i'd also say if you think your Doctor isn't taking it serious enough then see another one.

the sooner you act the better chance you have to beat this...john

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The reply from johncraig is very good. His response is right on target, and there is nothing I could add that would be better.

Remember, you're not alone. There is always someone in this venue somewhere in the world reading posts and answering them.

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