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Anesthetic and uncomfortable sensations at lower teeth

So discomfort feeling at lower teeth...when stress comes the feeling increases with more intensity and consequently it lowers the cognitive abilities...suffering from this the of sensation at lower teeths since 5 years...lot of medication took...like psychiatric ayurvedic...taken anxiety related medicines...but sensation remains same....don't knw the solution....

I am sure now it's a neurological problem...some nerve of brain coming to teeth may be malfunctioning.....since 5 years I am suffering

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Hi Nikhila,

The best person to consult about your problem is a dentist. These lovely people do more than just fillings. :) They are experts in all things that can go physically wrong in your mouth. You might need a custom guard made up if you are grinding your teeth. Book an appointment ASAP.


Dear Blackcat,

It's a neurological problem...brain nerve problem..due to which cognitive abilities degrades..more often I also feels anxiety.. feels upset..can the dentist give a solution to this? Do u hv referred such case to dentist before or having a person known having similar problem?? Plz reply on this..


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