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ENT, it is


Well todays Dr visit went as i thought but he said its nothing neurologically wrong with me. Recommend ENT for ear ok i feel like i"m going somewhere on track, aniexty went into full mode again BP at Dr is 167/88 but reading at home was 131/81 i showed him my home readings for the week & he was ok with it he said you get nervous when you come & i said YES VERY!! I still think something going on in my head😕 pressure clogged ear numbness when i wake up

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Gloria_carr, I'm glad you brought the home readings to the doctor today. At least he had something to compare it with. I'm happy everything looks good neurologically. I don't imagine the ENT will find anything in particular. You know Gloria when I was going to multiple physical therapy over the years, the therapist I had was sensational. She explained that the pressure and clogged feeling in the ear was caused from the muscles in the ear canal closing down from tenseness of anxiety. I got the answer to that feeling and why it was happening. It made sense. I never thought of the ear canal being affected by tension.

One step at a time, piece by piece you will get the answers to the puzzle regarding your head and neck and ears and how it all interconnects. Stay strong! x

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