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I love my health anxiety..... Here's why

I've lived with anxiety all my life, but never knew it until last year. I've had health anxiety all my life, but never knew it until last year.

Last year, I allowed my anxiety to take over. And boy did it take over. My health anxiety went through the roof! I was afraid of every single disease. Anything I felt I thought I was going to die. Upset stomach, jaw pain, head ache? Must be on set of a heart attack. Headache, felt dizzy, derealization? Well, here comes my stroke. These were my thoughts for a year, even after I got every test known to man on my body. (If you want to know what I had done message me... it's a lot). It all came back clear.

Long story short, I ended up getting over it, with time and coaching. Understanding that NOT EVERYTHING is going to kill me. but yet sometimes I need to be reminded of this. And the way that I am is that I still get a little anxious over my rumbly stomach, or my small headache, or the dreaded heart palpitation. But you know what? after ALL of that, I am still here. Alive and well.

So basically, having these symptoms have taught me one valuable lesson. Our bodies are works of art and amazing engineering. The fact my body is making me feel these things shows me that my body is working the way it is supposed to. If you haven't died of your "heart attack" symptoms or "stroke" symtoms, the chances are these are not what you are going through and what you have. So I say, thank you Mr (or Miss because there is no way this person is married) health anxiety, for proving to me once again that I am OK and that I am in fact NOT dying.



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So true! I keep reminding myself that I am still alive!


Well done for accepting your anxiety and getting better keep up the good work and enjoy life to the full.


Yesssss, that was very powerful...I love it, I think about this all the time!!!


Wow thats. A great way to put it i havnt had aniexty that long but i can take something from what you said makes alot of sense thanks!!

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