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Social Anxiety - How do you deal

How do you all deal with being socially anxious. I feel like no one understands why I have to decompress when I'm around people for too long. Why when I'm on vacation with people I need days by myself, alone, in quiet. Not having to talk. Just wanting to do my own thing. I really get physically tired from being around people for too long. Literally everyone I'm around loves not being by themselves and being with people all day and I literally can't. I know I don't have to explain this to anyone but I feel like I do sometimes.

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Hi there,

I totally relate to what you've wrote.. it's exactly what I feel. Sometimes I can bare to be around people for a short time but certainly after a few hours I'm starting to feel flushed and anxious. I suffered this only last night which is disappointing as I thought I was doing well. Trying to explain to someone who hasn't suffered the same thing is difficult as they'll never relate. I work with people all day long so when I'm done I like my peace and my own company I'm exhausted and had enough. Even my work life is now becoming difficult. I find I have to just breathe.. maybe leave the situation for a few minutes and get some air. It's an awful thing and I totally feel your pain.


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