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I don't know what to feel right now

I'm getting this weird sensation mid esophagus and getting waves of nauseou, I've burped but the feeling remains. I'm starting to get a little anxious. The sensation feels almost like a lump mid chest, it doesn't hurt, I don't know if this has to do with me not eating all day yesterday.

I did wake up nauseous and a weak feeling stomach, I had something to eat and I felt better but now this started. Is there something I can take? What could it be?

Also the feeling in my feels like I could burp but it's stuck or something.

Thanks for your help

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Whenever I feel nauseous from my anxiety I have ginger-ale, it's soothing for me when I think about it settling my stomach since ginger is meant to do that, idk if you drink soda or maybe even try a ginger tea if you like tea, maybe it's a psychological thing but works for me


Thank you, I just had something to eat and sipped on some ginger ale

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Why did you not eat?


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