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Accidentally inhaled Avon Repellent /Sunscreen 3 days ago


Three days ago I accidentally inhaled (Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition Insect Repellent Sunscreen)

There wasn't direct contact to face or mouth I currently can still feel & taste it inside my mouth initially it caused my face to tingle throat irritation stomach upset my lips got tingly

I didn't swallow any of it

I'm still convincing my parents to go to the ER

It is currently 4:07am I can't sleep

Can any one please look up the information on the spray and tell me its reaction to accidentally non-direct inhalation

I think I had a allergic reaction to it

I didn't have the spray near me

I just called posin control for reassurance they said that I should be fine.

Just can't seem to shake this off

Has anyone else had this happen ?

Update 6/24/17

Could I still be affected from this after 5 days my tongue and lips still feeling strange at the moment 😑 I.e I drink orange juice and it tastes weird on my tongue. I heard somewhere that the tongue is very sensitive? As are the lips? .

I keep coughing and sneezing on and off

Anxiety is horrible.

But God is Strong enough to handle this or anything..👍🏻

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Did you rinse your nose and mouth with water when it happened? I always do that and also get some air of I ever inhale anything . I have hay fever and asthma so take my inhaler too for good measure then I'm usually fine. After 3 days it should be gone I think. 😊 I'm no expert but I'd imagine anything you inhaled like that accidentally should be gone. You said you didn't swallow any. I'd be very careful with using things like that make sure you put them on in room or place well ventilated so not inhale it. I get anxious about those things too.

Well my brother sprayed it from the front seat of the car I accidentally inhaled through my mouth

I wasn't able to get water right away because I in the car after maybe 20min I finally got the window down and got air after that I got water initially My throat got irritated my face got tingly then it went away. I can still feel it/taste it inside my mouth my lips feel weird just for a precaution today I called poison control and they said I should be fine. Sorry it's so long.

Oh I see well that makes sense. Glad your ok now.😊

How about trusting that your body has dealt with it and focus on relaxing breathing. Put all your anxious energy into something constructive. There are plenty of yoga vids on youtube,calming see just because we think something doesnt make it true. At a guess i would say you have an anxiety gremlin om your shoulder telling you lies like....' you're poisoned! You're gunna be sooo unwell,no one will listen to you because they dont understand,believe or care about you. If youdont make a fuss you'll die!'

Am i right? Does he say things like that?

If so its up to you to ignore,squash or proof it wrong by channelling your energy into something positive.

All the best

Thanks for the advice! It's going to take some time to get back to normal

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