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Two days later still a battle


*Please also read previous posts*

I don't know what to do anymore ! I two days ago I accidentally inhaled mosquitoe repellent

in the car my brother sprayed it from the front seat rights now I currently feel fine other than stomach upset I can feel it and taste it in my throat . especially when I breathe my breast hurts a bit. I keep coughing.

I already told my parents they said I'll be fine they said That they will not take me to the hospital.

I can't drive yet so I can't take myself

Im trying to keep calm

What should I do

Will I get better on my own?

Below is the picture of the can

Update 6/22/17

*I might be allergic to it ? Well at least that's what I think? I keep coughing, I'm sneezing the back of my throat feeling phlemy irritated 🙄 Idk what's going on with my tounge it's like Lost feeling of taste sort of like trauma the repellent it's not super strong but it's there I can feel it.. but luckily no breathing issues nor dizzynes or loss of consciousness

I'm so furstated

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If no one is willing to take you to the Er and you feel ill then call 911

I can't I'm with my younger brothers the neighbors will know my parents will freak out...

-DO NOT TAKE AS MEDICAL ADVICE- I just searched on google. Apparently because its to be used on human skin there is certain precautions as you will always inhale a little bit when it goes in the atmosphere. Therefore if it was a small quantity you shall be fine however if its a large quantity you need to see A&E immediately.

thanks. my actual concern is that I can still taste/feel it in my mouth and tounge !apparently I was the only one affected by it I wasn't alone inside the car I just want to be alright. My parents don't want to take me. I'm tired of this! I've been so anxious about it a lot

And trust me I've googled as well and it hasn't been good for my anxiety issues lately

My guess is you maybe allergic to a chemical in the product. You need to seek medical attention. I don't want to make you anxious but that sure as hell don't sound right to me

I know right! I'm going bonkers here ..

I'll keep trying to convince my parents.

How old are you? You don't have to tell me your age but are you old enough to sign a consent form in hospital? If so I would recommend making your own way.

Yes I'm old enough and I don't drive.

Do you have someone who can take you to a non emergency doctor?

Nope and eathir way they won't do it

Dont worry. I have 2 kids and i live in cairns where mozzies are a permanent fixture. We spray that stuff around on our bodies and in the air. They are now 12 and 15 and i haven't killed them yet. It tastes disgusting but dont go to the hospital. You will be fine. No need to stress your body with more panic and anxiety. Promise you you'll be fine. 😆

Thanks.. my only concern was that I can still feel it/taste it on my tongue and mouth

Which is causing me great Anxiety like I said idk what to do.

:( the rest of my family said they are fine

Eat something else like fresh pineapple - really acidic and it will make your tongue burn and will distract you!

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