Another wasted trip to the ER

So Friday night our fam went out to dinner. Afterwards we were shopping and all of a sudden, the right side of my face felt numb. It freaked me out and wasn't getting any better so my husband and I dropped the kids off at home and he took me to the ER. They did a CT scan of my brain and all was normal. They also hooked me up to an EKG and that was normal as well. I'm glad that everything was fine BUT I am so tired of feeling this way. I just want it to stop!

I have an appt with my GP today and I'm going to talk to her about a different med. Something has to help with all this!


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  • I haven't thankfully had the numbness in my face but I sometimes get it in the arm and leg on the right side, it's scary and all of sudden you feel overwhelmed with fear of something serious. My main and continuous symptom is feeling un balanced and disoriented but after I joined this forum and have been reading the comments it's given me some hope and confidence to carry on, we are not alone and all these symptoms are normal for what we are going through, it's definitely helped me be a little more calm when I start to feel like I'm losing it. Good luck with your appointment today.

  • Mine did this last week. Said it was from cluster headaches. Said sometimes it brings pain and sometimes it doesn't. But you'll feel numbness in one side of face. Just a thought.

  • Didn't know that Facefoamus. Thank you for sharing that bit of information. I love learning through the forum. :)

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