Your life right now do you like it? Do you want to change it? Do you wish there was some magic cure to heal your anxiety? Forget about your symptoms right now for just 1hour if u can't do that then half hour see if I gets better do u really want to just live your life like this till you die? There's people out there with actual illnesses ad this is all in our head we can beat this.. I advise to follow the Lord and pray... I promise you know when I had my anxiety a few months ago it was really bad now I never ever have panicked attacks want to know how truthfully? Pray ask for forgiveness for sins first cut it didn't work until I confessed and asked for forgiveness I eat healthy walk a lot drink nothing but water.. Wen you get close to God you learn no matter what even if something was to happen u have heaven I can't explain how good it makes me feel when I asked for help he helps me... Got to say the this took a few weeks because I didn't believe but now I do try it.. I didn't really pray until I got my anxiety but I thank God for everything now and its amazing but if u sin u always always have to ask for forgiveness... You'll get through this


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  • Glad you have found what works for you x

  • All healing comes from God.

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