Survived Day 2

I survived day 2 of our mini vacation and a few more days to go..... Today is the 3rd day that I have taken half of Xanax (.25mg) I don't know if is doing anything but it gives me somewhat peace of mind. I don't know why. Once thing is not doing is taking this God awful dream feel or 3D vision or stopping me from thinking about those traumatizing out of body soul detaching freak attacks. Ughhhhhhh when will this depersonalization/derealization end!!!?

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Well at least you took your xanax. Give it time to do its job. :)


Hang in there your doing great just a couple more days I kno its hard but you can do it but DP/DR is scary and I kno your feeling weird but you'll be fine,😎


Ugggh I've been struggling from dreams like that also, kinda relieving to know I'm not the only one this happens too! Have a nice vacay!


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