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My Dr says I have anxiety buy it's a constant battle of me focusing on my breathing

Last night was the worst it has been yet I woke up thinking I wasn't breathing and it scared me to death I could look at my chest and tell I was breathing I can't feel the air come out of me but every 2 to 3 minutes I take really deep breathes like I just came up from being under water . I just had a daughter and it scares me so much that it's not just all in my head and I feel like I'm going crazy what can I do to help this feeling

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That's how I feeling as we speak I'm scared to I constantly moving around catching my breath like what's going to Happen


I have been getting this feeling a lot over the last couple of years, but due to panic I make it a whole lot worse. You have to teach yourself to breathe all over again. In through the nose deep to the stomach and out through the mouth,that then gets the bad stuff out of your lungs.But do it all the time, even when your not feeling weird.


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