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Anxiety Counseling/Therapy Frustration

Sometimes if not all the time- anxiety gives you anger and frustration. I went counseling and i felt like the counselor wasn't understanding me. Oh! That drove me insane. It's like you're speaking and one word is going in and out of the other ear. If you've ever felt like this when going to therapy, don't stop going like i did- find it in you to tell you're counselor how you feel. Don't smile and wave like everything is peachy and like you guys are on the same page. In order for counseling to work, you've got to be completely open and honest about how you're feeling about a lot of things. Don't make the same mistake guys. Hope this helps! Tell her/him about the frustration and tell them why you're feeling it.

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Sometimes you have to find a counselor that works for you. I will say that if they have never had anxiety or panic attacks we may feel like they don't understand. Keep talking. Keep going. Excessive and eat healthy.

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